To defend Human Rights and be

“The thriving, inclusive and sustainable world we need to leave for future generations, calls for collective action—both across sectors of society and across the most pressing challenges we face on this journey. Natura &Co’s holistic leadership to deliver an economy that works for all people and our planet, and is created in partnership with all stakeholders, is an example leader that business and beyond must learn from and emulate.”

Halla Tómasdóttir, CEO, The B Team

Our Targets

Our People
  • Gender balance: 50% women onboard/senior team by 2023
  • Equitable pay, closing the gender gap by 2023
  • Work towards 30% inclusion, in management, of under-represented groups – racial or ethnic, sexual diversity and gender identity (LGBTI), socio economically disadvantaged, physical or mental disability
  • Living wage (or above) for all by 2023
Our wider Network
  • Measurable gains for consultants/representatives and sourcing communities earnings, education, health and digital inclusion
  • Increase investments in key causes by 20% to U$ 600 million (mainly in communities, breast cancer awareness, domestic violence and education)
  • Promote our trusted and reliable model for the future of direct sales
Human Rights
  • Full traceability and/or certification for critical supply chains by 2025: Palm Oil, Mica, Paper, Alcohol, Soy, Cotton
  • Adopt robust Human Rights policy in line with UN Guiding Principles by 2023