Our response to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

As we face this unprecedented pandemic, at Natura &Co we remain determined to engage with all our stakeholders and to contribute in a meaningful way. We have embraced social distancing and we are learning how to remain active and connected. We are proud that our associates and our network of consultants, representatives and store personnel are engaging with one another, with their teams and communities in a beautiful way, showing that it is possible to stay connected while physically distant.

We are also humbled by the magnitude of what is needed and what is still ahead of us. For a company guided by the deep belief in the power of interdependence between all living things, this crisis is bringing valuable lessons on how we collectively show up: as a human being, as businesses, as society. It is time to care for one another.

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Our priority continues to be first and foremost to support our people.

We are a direct-to-consumer, relationship-driven group, thus helping our network navigate this challenging time is paramount. We have taken many steps and will continue to do so. We are committed to offering employment security to our people during this crisis. We are flexing credit to our network, significantly strengthening remote assistance, and enabling our store teams to support our online channels wherever possible. Most of our people in administrative roles are working from home. Those working in production and distribution of our essential personal care products are following the strictest conditions of hygiene and social distancing. We are immensely grateful for the efforts of all our people.

We are also committed to help with a key product in our portfolio, soap.

Over the last weeks we were able to repurpose manufacturing in order to increase production of our essential products by over 30%, so we can respond to increased demand. We also created partnerships with governments and non-government organizations to organise donations. So far, we have committed to donating over 10 million units of soap, sanitizer and 70% alcohol, and we expect to contribute further. We are using our powerful network of over 6 million consultants and representatives to spread awareness about correct hygiene protocols and social distancing among their own communities and customers.

To maximize access to our essential products, we are placing more digital direct-selling and e-commerce tools at the disposal of our entire network, accompanied by extensive training, so they can work safely yet effectively from home. We are facilitating new recruitment, to further expand our network, and we are enhancing our e-commerce teams.

Finally, we are very sensitive to a tragic outcome of social isolation which is the significant increase of violence against women and children at home . All companies in the group are deeply committed to offering meaningful help to those in need. Through the Avon Foundation we are donating $1 million so that our markets can strengthen their efforts.

We are sure that we will come out of this crisis stronger, as individuals and as a business. More together than even before, more interconnected, more compassionate, and with even better care towards our planet. As Natura &Co, our mission is to nurture beauty and relationships for a better way of living and doing business. We remain deeply committed to becoming not just the best beauty company in the world but the best beauty company FOR the World.