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Founded by Luiz Seabra in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1969, Natura has a deep-rooted understanding of the importance of well-being and combines its love of cosmetics and the natural world with a passion for relationships. Natura’s approach has made it Brazil’s largest cosmetics multinational.

Natura has been carbon neutral since 2007, and is a signatory to Net Zero, a coalition of global corporations and world leaders dedicated to accelerating the world transition to a low carbon economy by 2050. In 2015, Natura received the UN’s top environmental award, Champions of the Earth and in 2019 its Carbon Neutral Program won the UN Climate Global Action Award.


We are a connected network of brands and over 6 million people, with phenomenal potential to drive change.

Our Founders

Luiz Seabra Co-founder of Natura Cosméticos and Co-President of Natura &Co

Luiz Seabra discovered the world of cosmetics and beauty working in a small cosmetics laboratory. He felt intuitively that cosmetics could be a powerful instrument to help people develop their self-perception and self-esteem. In 1969, Seabra founded Natura on this belief when he was 27, and in 1970 he opened the first Natura shop in São Paulo. His early experience informed his approach to cosmetics: offering skin care and body care products using natural active ingredients.

Guilherme Leal Co-founder of Natura Cosméticos and Co-President of Natura &Co

Brazilian businessman and social and political entrepreneur Guilherme Leal joined Natura more than 40 years ago. Leal participates in initiatives and movements designed to drive the construction of a new green, inclusive and low carbon economy, including the Network of Political Action for Sustainability, B-Team and the B Movement, and the Brazil Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture. Since 2018, he has been a board member of the UN Global Compact.

Pedro Passos Co-founder of Natura Cosméticos and Co-President of Natura &Co

An engineer by training with a second degree in Management, Pedro Passos joined Natura in 1983. Five years later he was named CEO of the company and in 2004, he become the third chairman of the Natura Board. His roles have included the President of the Industrial Development Studies Institute of Brazil, and President of the SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation, a group dedicated to protecting and preserving the Atlantic Rainforest. Passos is also a member of the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry’s Business Mobilization through Innovation group.

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