Vision 2030 Natura &Co Latin America 

In 2020, the Natura &Co group committed to its 2030 Sustainability Vision, also known as “Commitment to Life”, which includes a series of commitments and actions – within a period of 10 years – divided into three pillars:

  • Address the Climate Crisis and Protect the Amazon
  • Defend Human Rights and be Human-Kind
  • Embrace Circularity and Regeneration

Three years after launch and with advances on all fronts, Natura &Co expresses the need to review the original goals established for 2030. In this period, we experienced a challenging context as a society, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the War in Ukraine, whose impacts have deeply affected humanity. In addition, we are undergoing a restructuring of our own business. The review of the Commitment to Life intends to account for these transformations and, at the same time, the changes that occurred internally in the company.

In this relaunch, we look at Latin America, reinforcing the power that the region represents for business, especially after the arrival of Avon. Currently, the operations of the group’s brands are in 15 Latin countries. By the end of 2022, they involved more than 4 million Beauty Consultants selling products through direct sales, around 900 own and franchised stores, 16,000 employees, five factories and 19 distribution centers.

Find out about the goals of the pillars of our Vision in the document below:

  • Address the Climate Crisis and Protect Biodiversity
  • Defend Human Rights and to be Human-Kind
  • Embrace Circularity and Regeneration

Click here for the full document.