Beauty of the &Co

In Natura &Co, we all share a passion for innovation. We aim to develop products, experiences and services that help our consumers to feel confident and healthy in their own skin, to have happy and balanced relationships and to engage in making this world a beautiful, sustainable place to live in.
Each of our brands proposes a singular way of doing this.

For Natura, this means promoting wellbeing, harmony and a deep connection with the rhythm of nature. As for Avon, it is about on-trend, innovative, democratic and affordable beauty. The Body Shop smashes taboos and promotes a joyful energy and a change-maker attitude to life. Aesop is an invitation to a pleasurable, sensory journey through meticulous and well-considered design.



Natura &Co
in numbers

35,000 employees
32% reduction* in greenhouse gas emissions achieved by Natura
48% women in leadership positions
2 million hectares of conserved forest in the Amazon region
R$489 million invested in social causes
58 sourcing communities based on ethical trade in 15 countries
107% growth in social selling and ecommerce sales
2,489 tons of virgin plastic replaced by recycled plastic packaging
R$ 36.9 billion
Consolidated net revenue 2020

Chart without scale

R$4.2 billion
Adjusted² EBITDA 2020

¹ Excludes effects that are not considered to be recurring or comparable between periods analyzed.

² The underlying net income is calculated before the effects of the acquisition of Avon and does not take into account transformation costs, discontinued operations expenses, PPA amortization effect and non-controlling interests.

R$399.5 million
Underlying net income¹ 2020

We are a connected network of 4
brands and over 6 million people, with
phenomenal potencial to drive change.