General Contracting Conditions

With the objective of optimizing the time dedicated to the Contracts negotiation and ensuring greater efficiency in the process of contracting partners and suppliers , Natura &Co adopted the use of the General Contracting Conditions (CGC) to regulate its commercial relations.

Adherence to Natura&CO’s General Contracting Conditions is mandatory for all suppliers.

Upon your return, with the indication of acceptance of the aforementioned document, all supplies and services contracted from this date will automatically be subject to the terms of the CGC, even if there is no express reference to said document in the Commercial Document.

If there is a Commercial Document signed between the parties and there is a discrepancy between any obligation established therein and the CGC, what is defined in the Commercial Document will prevail. In this case, the CGC will be valid and complete the obligations not foreseen in the Commercial Document.

For more information about the eligibility of the Natura General Contracting Conditions (“CGC”), please check the document here: