Bem estar bem
well-being being well

Since 1969, Natura’s reason for being has been to create and sell products and services that promote the harmonious relationship of the individual with oneself, with others and with nature. The trajectory that made it the largest Brazilian cosmetics multinational and ‘namesake’ of group began in São Paulo, with a small shop, born from two passions: cosmetics and relationships.

Today, they deliver exclusive and sustainable innovation by combining the power of nature and state-of-the-art science, in more than 2,000 products and over 7,000 formulas, 600 company-owned and franchised stores, products in 3,800 pharmacies across 10 countries and a market leading online platform. Confident that together we can make the world more beautiful, in 2014, it became the first publicly traded company to be certified as a B Corp.

Luiz Seabra Co-chairman and Founder, Natura &Co

Luiz Seabra discovered the world of cosmetics and beauty working in a small cosmetics laboratory. He felt intuitively that cosmetics could be a powerful instrument to help people develop their self-perception and self-esteem. In 1969, Seabra founded Natura on this belief when he was 27, and in 1970 he opened the first Natura shop in São Paulo. His early experience informed his approach to cosmetics: offering skin care and body care products using natural active ingredients.

Guilherme Leal Co-chairman and Founder, Natura &Co

Brazilian businessman and social and political entrepreneur Guilherme Leal joined Natura more than 40 years ago. Leal participates in initiatives and movements designed to drive the construction of a new green, inclusive and low carbon economy, including the Network of Political Action for Sustainability, B-Team and the B Movement, and the Brazil Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture. Since 2018, he has been a board member of the UN Global Compact.

Pedro Passos Co-chairman and Founder, Natura &Co

An engineer by training with a second degree in Management, Pedro Passos joined Natura in 1983. Five years later he was named CEO of the company and in 2004, he become the third chairman of the Natura Board. His roles have included the President of the Industrial Development Studies Institute of Brazil, and President of the SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation, a group dedicated to protecting and preserving the Atlantic Rainforest. Passos is also a member of the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry’s Business Mobilization through Innovation group.


Natura Chronos is the everyday facial skin care line for each skin need and stage of life. Chronos provides immediate, real and intensive results with maximum efficacy. It is recognized for creating a strong connection with the consumer through relevant messages, as well as delivering complete and effective benefits tested on more than 20,000 women.


Natura Ekos is a range of body care that wishes to awaken everyone’s conscience to the accelerated exploitation of the planet’s resources. The desire to value Brazilian biodiversity is one of the pillars of Natura Ekos. The ingredients used in our formulas are harvested sustainably, according to strict standards of culture: without pesticides or synthetic fertilizer


A classic of Brazilian cologne, Essential combines the power of deep woods, such as cedar and sandalwood, with the freshness of green notes. An essential fragrance for those who leave their mark with sophistication and elegance wherever they go.