Our Position in Ukraine


At Natura &Co we believe the world must unite and stand together for peace while acting with solidarity with all people impacted by this unacceptable aggression against human rights in Ukraine.

From the start of the conflict in Ukraine, our primary concern has been with the protection and safety of our employees and representatives facing violence and loss.  We are helping our people on the ground, including our sales teams in Ukraine, and are working with organizations providing humanitarian relief such as the Red Cross and local NGOs by donating both funds and personal care products for refugees.

The Body Shop and Aesop have suspended trading in Russia. Avon is suspending exports from Russia and is assessing shipments to the market. It is only maintaining local product operations in support of Representatives who operate as independent entrepreneurs. We believe restricting their access to products would have an outsize impact on women and children there. For 135 years, Avon has stood for women wherever they are in the world, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, age, or religion. There is no financial advantage to Natura &Co being in Russia. We will continue to assess our position as the situation evolves